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Cheri's Beanie page.

Greetings fellow Beanie lovers, those who are curious, or those who are just plain nosy. This page is dedicated to Beanie news and information. I will include cool new pictures, as well as some old favorites. Enjoy. (I want to say "bon appetite", although I know it doesn't fit....ah well.)

Stop the traffic!! All Beanie Babies will be retired on December 31, 1999!!!

NEWS SPLASH: Eggbert was retired on July 28th.
Britannia was retired on July 26th.
Nibbly was retired on July 20th.
Ewey was retired on July 19th.
Peace, Nibbly, and Hippie were recently retired, too.
Gee, it's been a while since Ty has had anything interesting on the website, but now there's some info.Ty

Three new Beanie Babies will be released soon: Flitter the Butterfly, B.B. Bear the Birthday bear, and Lips the Fish.

Osito is an United States exclusive so if you will be traveling abroad don't expect to find him.....

Ty announced these 15 Beanies in the Spring! Remember, there were 24 beanies that were announced on January 2, you can find them in your friendly secondary-market dealer's showcase or at T-Shirt City!! I have been fortunate to find some bears at T-Shirt city, so be alert.

These are the 15 Beanie babies

Spangles-American flag bear
Silver-grey tabby cat
Osito-Mexican bear
Knuckles-blue-ribbon pig
Pecan-gold bear
Wiser-1999 Graduate Owl
Amber-gold tabby cat
Almond-beige bear

Spangles, Wiser, Neon, and Osito

I received Wiser and Millenium as a graduation gift from my MOM, and Matthew gave me Fuzz.

Teenie Beanies

Teenie Beanie Babies will be available on May 21st at McDonald's.

1. Freckles, 2. Antsy (Ants), 3. Smoochy, 4. Spunky, 5. Rocket, 6. Iggy, 7. Strut, 8. Nuts, 9. Claude, 10. Stretch, 11. Nook (Nanook), 12. Chip

My comments: These were ugly Beanie Babies that sat on store shelves for months because too many were made and no one liked them. So why, in Tito's name, did Ty decide that these would make a fine grouping for McDonald's third Teenie Beanie promotion?? These 12 are the homliest Beanies and that will explain the lack of enthusiasm by any Beanie collector to rush to McDonald's for Happy Meals. "Plus, they are worthless"-My MOM

Beanie Images

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