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Avast ye, this is Cheri's page!

A zesty chop chop to all of ye! Thank you for visiting my Sassy homepage! It isn't as sassy as it used to be because I have been focusing the little energy I have for this homepage business on my Rhode Island page.

Autumn is here and boy, 'tis mighty brisk. So, what shall I share with all of ye? Well, I've discovered the wonder that is Hip Hop music. I have been introduced to a few local groups, namely Clokworx, Art Official Intelligence, and Non Prophets. I just can't get enough of this music. If you would like some additional information about these groups, email me. But, I would like you to know that I haven't gone gangsta, I am still the same marvelous person that I always was except now I've expanded my musical interests. I love to rhyme, so that's why Hip Hop interests me.

Something else? Pirates, ahoy. Enough said. What else? I need new gloves for winter, a funky pair, because ratty and tattered, old gloves are not going to keep my hands warm. And, who wants gloves like that anyway??

Providence Place Mall opened on August 20th. Visit my Rhode Island page for details. (Click on the link above in the toolbar.)

Weather Wonders:
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If you are obsessed with weather like myself, just click here for current weather in Rhode Island.
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Music marvels:

You may click on any of the album covers to get more information from CDnow.

Elvis Presley

If Everyday Was Like Christmas

Treat yourself to some Christmas music, Elvis Presley style. This is my favorite holiday CD and I love singing along to it. And WHO doesn't like Elvis? BUY IT!

Pain. It is what you make of it.

Life's Little Gems according to moi:

Hip Hop music, Cactus Grille, Nordstrom dept. store, my Teal car, and my friends. LUNCH

Fresh links:
Addicted to Joan Osborne: If you are a Joanie fan, please visit my phriend Derek's site, it's beautious!

Absolutely Drew: This is my phriend Drew's page, it's full of clever little things! But, it hasn't been updated in a while...

Pirates: A National Geographic site with a High Seas Adventure for any swashbuckling swabbie (for kids, but still fun!)

Fun for everyone: Enjoy it.

iMac: Apple computers....check out the new iBook--better than any PC!!

SANRIO: Stationary, pocketbooks, pens, stickers, t-shirts--anything you can imagine. I love this stuff.


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